Blind Date - …


As a follow up on the Blind Dates “Feminism” and “Masculinity”, we will talk about Equal Rights on April 20. 2022 at 18.30 HRS GMT.

Journalist & moderator Malcolm Ohanwe and writer & journalist Frankie Edozien will talk about current political debates on equal rights and gender equality.

Moderation: Samuel Boakye Opoku

Important socio-political issues such as feminism, gender roles, corruption, religion or the climate crisis often touch the substance of our beliefs, our ideals and our values. The discourses are not the same all over the world. Our approaches are strongly dependent on the respective culture, as well as the political and economic conditions of the region we were raised in. Priorities and solution strategies always depend on our lifestyle. Especially in the intercultural context we realize that there is not only one truth. Not the one right, not the one wrong.

Blind Date therefore wants to bring together two people with two perspectives from different cultural regions of this world and bring them into exchange with each other, to discuss differences and similarities, discover new perspectives and broaden our horizon of understanding.