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FINALIST: 2018 Randy Shilts Award for Gay Nonfiction


“Where so many memoirs are being published now that have little of real substance in their pages, this is one that is both substantial and called for, a fine contribution to the important work of pursuing equality and social justice on a global scale.” Financial Times review December 2017

“There’s nothing that gets this reader’s pulse going more than an intense page turner. Chike Frankie Edozien, the author of the brilliant Lives of Great of Men, goes one better by giving us an intense page turner of a memoir that is also laced with ache and longing, optimism and defiance in the face of injustice.” Huffington Post review

“Nigeria’s First Gay Memoir from the BBC Focus on Africa” declares

“It is a landmark moment, this expansion of the queer oeuvre in Nigerian literature.” BrittlePaper reveal.

“Chike Frankie Edozien knows how to create tableaux and scenes that sing. In his dazzling debut, a memoir called Lives of Great Men, he focuses his pinpoint-sharp lens not only on his own experiences of being a gay Nigerian man, but embeds a very specific generosity of spirit and wisdom in his documentation of his same-gender loving African brothers across the continent and the Diaspora.” Huffpost Cover reveal

“This is outspoken work, utterly important, that couldn’t be more on the pulse of time,” proclaims Ozy


Gay City News Interview Nov 17

This is Africa Me Interview Nov 17

HuffPost declares this a ‘new era in Nigerian nonfiction’ Interview.


Safe House Cover

Safe Houses, Explorations in creative nonfiction. Edited by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey
Dundurn Press May 2016 ISBN 978-1-45973-547-7

Available here

“To the concern that not enough African voices are represented here, an obvious rejoinder: “More, please.”
from the May 2016 Globe & Mail review.

‘Forgetting Lamido’ … is not only a culturally astute examination of the necessity to hide one’s homosexuality for the sake of career success in Nigeria, but also a heartbreaking tale about what happens when love is deferred; about how romantic interests not pursued beg the question, ‘What if?’

“Forgetting Lamido” highlights one of the strongest points of this collection: how it effortlessly alternates between the personal and the political; how sometimes the personal is political, …. from This is Africa Me review.

Forgetting Lamido
Durndun Books ISBN 978-1-45973-802-7
Available Worldwide August 2016 here

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